Company incorporation and administration services
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Our company is setting up a company’s professional service providers in Cyprus and other jurisdictions, to provide efficient and inexpensive nominee, trustee and administrative services. We are always ready with Cyprus international companies, including an approved list of companies to choose from.

At the same time, we provide support services to companies and foreign companies in Cyprus Cyprus branch operations.

We are proud of our humane and efficient services. Within 24 hours, you will be able to receive our business manager reply to your question.

Our Swiss subsidiary Del Mar Consulting proficient Switzerland, Seychelles, the establishment of the British Virgin Islands, Nevis, and the company’s administrative affairs.


Business Process
[/ responsive] application for registration by the special service company responsible for all the documents to the government; many transactions can be completed in a day, including the issuance of power of attorney, certified documents, open bank accounts, etc. . Credit cards can be obtained within three days.

Our purpose is to service customers receive instruction in the shortest possible time, the company will soon file was sent to the customer’s hands.

  • Financial services
    include the opening of bank accounts in Cyprus and other countries, the opening of online banking, access to credit card and other services.
  • Other service
    contract agents services
    mergers and acquisitions advisory and service supervision
    of cross-border mergers within the EU service
    companies to register the changes
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